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Bayside HS Freshmen

College resources:
A Parent's Guide to College - from the NYC DOE.  Parents_Guide_to_College.pdf 

Homework Help:
Khan Academy - Students can make use of this extensive video library, interactive challenges, and assessments from any computer with access to the web. Over 3,100 videos cover K-12 math, science topics such as biology, chemistry, and physics, and even reaches into the humanities with playlists on finance and history.


Q.        How can I change or reverse my child's attendance? There was an error made.

A.         Please have the appropriate teacher sign off that the attendance was incorrect and have that submitted to the Attendance Office, Room 319.


Q.        How can I check on my child’s attendance?

A.         Parents can register on PupilPath to check attendance and grades.


Q.        My child needs to leave school for an amount of time due to a family affair (wedding, funeral, etc.) out of the country. What should I do?

A.         Please understand that the only legally excused absence from school is with a doctor or hospital note. All others are not excused. Parents should write a letter to all teachers telling them the dates of departure and return.

Parents should also request make-up work to be given to the student and it is up to the student to schedule any make-up exams with the teacher. The attendance office should also be notified. x3196


Procedure for being absent from school. When the student returns to school they bring in a note stating the information below:

·         Student’s Full Name

·         Student’s ID Number and Official Class

·         State Dates Absent and Reason

·         Parent’s Name Printed

·         Parent’s Signature

·         If you have a Doctor’s Note, attach it with your information

·         Contact number to call during the daytime if we need verification


The student brings in the note and shows it to each teacher every period.

The teacher initials the note.

After this is done it is dropped off in a basket right by the door in the Attendance Office, Room 319.  The note is recorded and some are randomly called for verification.


Q.        Is my child allowed to leave the building during their lunch period?

A.            No.


Student Activities / Working Papers / Lost and Found

Q.        Where can I find out about Senior dues?

Q.        How do I purchase a ticket for a dance or concert?

Q.        How can I join a club or team?

Q.        How can I purchase a locker, tee shirt etc?

A.         The SO Office (Student Organization) is in Room 131. The following staff are located in Room 131:

Student COSA (Coordinator of Student Activities) – Ms. Koehler - x1315

Faculty advisor for Yearbook – Ms. Koehler - x1315
             Receptionist - x1312

Students can  purchase an SO Card here and obtain the list of clubs and teams

There is also a student page for each grade on the website.


Q.        Where can I get working papers?

Q.        How can I get the application for Summer Youth Employment?

A.        Note that teens ages 14-17 must get a certificate of employment, usually referred to as working papers, for most jobs. You can pick up the application in your high school. Working papers are done by Ms. Badalati.  The instruction sheet and application are on the bookcase in room 134. 

 As a rule, you do not need to have the certificate in hand until you get a job, but you should begin to assemble the documents, which include medical clearance and parent permission. Apply now and do not wait until June. 

You must complete all information and bring in the necessary documentation to her and she will then issue you a card.  Please remember to do this early in the day because it does take time to do the paper work.  You can get them at age 14 and they should be updated in 2 years.  Even if you do not wish to work, many Community Organizations want to see your card to do community service. 

The Summer Youth Employment Program run by New York City Department of Youth and Community Development is a major source of summer jobs for teens in New York City.  Seven-week jobs are open to kids as young as 14, up to 25 hours per week and includes entry level jobs in government agencies, hospitals, summer camps, non-profits, small businesses, law firms, museums, sports enterprises, and retail organizations.  Applications will be available in Spring (usually April) and can be downloaded from the website Department of Youth and Community Development or call 1-800-246-4646 or NYC 311. It is done on a lottery system.
You will need the following to apply:
- Medical clearance from doctor
- Signed parent permission
- Copy of your social security card
- Original document with proof of birthday