Questions Students Should Ask

  1. When applying to schools what type of admission is best for me?
  2. What are the differences, and pros and cons of the different admissions?
  3. When should I submit my financial aid application?
  4. What does the application process look like?
  5. What documentation is required for admission?
  6. In addition to grades, what additional information will schools look at during the application process?
  7. How long does the college search process take?
  8. When is the best time to start applying for college?
  9. What scholarships are available?
  10. What are the steps for requesting financial aid? 
  11. Does my parent/guardian need to submit information for the financial aid application?
  12. What schools provide financial aid/scholarships to students? What are the qualifications for applying for the aid?
  13. Based on my grades, interests and hobbies, what are some recommendations for schools to apply?
  14. Do you have a checklist of tasks for both the college search and application process?
  15. What competitive advantages do I have when applying?

College Websites

BHS Library College & Careers Website

College Handbooks

  • Financial Aid and Scholarship Guides
  • Essay, Resume, and Grammar Guides
  • Campus Life
  • Selecting a Major
  • AP Books
  • SAT Books
  • SAT Word Lists
  • Regents Review

College Websites:
Alphabetic List of US. Universities 
- List of U.S. universities, ordered alphabetically.
Cappex - Find colleges and scholarships
College Confidential - Comprehensive college site.
College Opportunities On-line - Created by the National Center for Education  Statistics to help future students and their parents understand the differences between colleges and how much it costs to attend. Contains, "Cool", a tool to help you search for a college based on its location, program, or degree offerings either alone or in combination.
College Plan - The College Planning Network.
CollegePrep 101 - Designed to help navigate the process of selecting, applying to and being successful in college.
College Profiles - Features in-depth profiles with information about academic programs, athletics, campus life, and financial aid, along with geographic search, directories for honors programs, women's colleges statistics on minority enrollment and numerous other resources for prospective college students.

CUNY - City University of New York official site.
National College Fairs - From the National Association for College Admission Counseling.
New York's Colleges & Universities - Complete listing of every private college in N.Y.S.
Peterson's Education Center - College search and career center.
SUNY - State University of New York official site.
Vocational Schools - Business, Trade and Technical - Information on private professional/technical programs throughout the U.S.
Women's Colleges - Information about women's colleges and well as links to their web sites.
Princeton Review - Online edition of college guide.
US News College - Compares and ranks college and universities.

College Virtual Tours -
Campus Tours: virtual college tours
eCampus Tours
CUNY virtual tours
Youniversitytv -
virtual tours of all NYS colleges and universities
You Visit - virtual college tours around the United States



Q.       What is the college application process at Bayside High School?
A.      Counselors review the college application process with all students through a series of lessons through Grad Prep/Google Classroom. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact them.

Q.        How many colleges can I apply to?
A.         Please discuss this with your Guidance Counselor, as you should pick a variety of schools including “reach,” “target,” and “safety” schools in order to ensure that you get into a place where you will thrive.  Typically the limit for applications is: Up to 6 CUNY schools + as many SUNY schools as you would like + a maximum of 6 other colleges.  All students are STRONGLY advised to apply to CUNY, as CUNY schools are the most affordable, and will automatically guarantee you a spot in a 4 or 2-year college depending on your GPA and SAT scores.

Q.        When should my child take the SAT's for the 1st time? 
A.         Springtime (May or June) of their Junior year.

Q.  How do I apply for financial aid?

A.  You can apply for financial aid beginning October 1st of your child's senior year.  At that time, fill out a FAFSA form online at FASFA.  FAFSA is the form that ALL colleges will require to receive any type of need-based aid.  Need-based aid is determined strictly by the family's annual income while merit-based aid is determined by the student's grades and SAT scores. 

Q.       Can my child walk in graduation if they do not meet the criteria for graduation in June?

A.         No