College Now at Queensborough Community College - Fall 2021 & Spring 2022

College Now is a collaborative program between the City University of New York and the New York City Department of Education. College Now offers high school students an opportunity to experience college life by making it possible for them to take college preparatory and college-level courses while still in high school. Students attend orientations and special events on campus thereby expanding their horizons in regard to post-secondary education.

College Now at Queensborough Community College makes it possible for qualified high school students to participate in either college preparatory classes or college-level courses given at their high school or, in some cases, on the campus of Queensborough Community College. These courses are offered tuition-free to the students and are held before their regular school day. Moreover, college credit enrolled students, once they get a QCC ID card for that semester, will have access to Queensborough Community College's facilities, including the Library Building, the Academic Computing Center, and the fitness facilities. Any students who are interested in applying should see Mrs. Tessenholtz in room 328A.

College Now is offering 2 in-person classes and 7 online courses on Saturdays in spring 2022 to juniors and seniors who attend New York City public schools.
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Classes offered:

BU 201 Business Organization & Management

CRIM 101 - Introduction to Criminal Justice

CS 100 - Introduction to Computers and Programming

EN 101 - English Composition

MA 119 - Elementary Algebra - Accelerated Learning Program

PSYCH 101 - Introduction to Psychology

PSYCH 125 - Psychology of Personal Adjustment

SOCY 101 - Sociology

SP 211 - Speech Communications

Current classes offered at BHS for the 2021-2022 school year:

EN-101 English Composition I

HE-102 Critical Issues in Health Education

PH-111 Space, Astronomy and Our Universe

PSYC--101 Psychology

IS-151 : Health and the Nations

CS-100: Introduction to Computers and Programming

Any questions, please email Mrs. Tessenholtz at